Panel Design

Panel Design

Your Metal Options Are Endless

Martin’s Metal Supply has Louisiana covered

Check out the in-depth inventory of metal supplies available to purchase in our Lafayette store. From panels to purlins to trim, we have an impressive line of options. You can also speak with one of our professionals about how to accessorize your metal structure.

Customize your metal panel design to give your home even more curb appeal. The exterior of your home can stand out just as much as the interior when you call Martin’s Metal Supply.

Have your say with panel design

Do you have set color preferences? You’re bound to find a metal shade that compliments the color scheme of your home. We can give you a variety of colors to choose from.You’ll love the final result, given our materials maintain that freshly painted feel years later.

There are panel design options for every budget, so don’t let cost hold you back. A renovated, revived home can be yours when you select Martin’s Metal Supply to handle your metal needs.

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